What is the phone number for Haldimand County?

What is the phone number for Haldimand County?

Customer Service at Haldimand County

Customer service at Haldimand County plays a pivotal role in assisting residents with various inquiries and concerns. The trained customer service representatives are well-equipped to address questions related to municipal services, programs, and initiatives. Whether it's seeking information on waste management schedules, recreational activities, or property maintenance in Haldimand County, individuals can rely on the courteous and knowledgeable staff to provide accurate guidance and support.

Residents can easily reach the customer service team at Haldimand County through the dedicated phone line during office hours. By contacting the service hotline, individuals can swiftly obtain information on a range of services offered by the county, such as utility billing, building permits, and community events. The customer service department ensures prompt and efficient assistance to enhance the overall experience of residents seeking guidance on matters related to property maintenance in Haldimand County.

Support Hotline

When it comes to obtaining assistance related to Property Maintenance in Haldimand County, residents can rely on the convenient and efficient Support Hotline provided by the County. Staffed with knowledgeable and friendly professionals, this hotline serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking guidance or information regarding property-related matters.

Whether you have questions about property bylaws, need clarification on maintenance regulations, or require support with property-related services, the Support Hotline at Haldimand County is the go-to contact for prompt and reliable assistance. By offering a direct line of communication to address various property concerns, the hotline plays a key role in enhancing customer service and ensuring that residents receive the assistance they need in a timely manner.

Emergency Contacts in Haldimand County

Emergency situations can arise unexpectedly, and it is crucial to have access to emergency contacts in Haldimand County for assistance. The 24/7 hotline numbers for emergency services in Haldimand County are as follows:

- For police assistance, dial 911 immediately in case of emergency. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is the primary law enforcement agency in the county and is responsible for maintaining peace and order. In case of non-emergency situations, residents can contact the Haldimand County OPP at [insert phone number].

In addition to law enforcement services, residents can also seek assistance for other emergencies such as fire incidents and medical emergencies. The Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit should be contacted for medical emergencies, while the local fire department is responsible for handling fire incidents. For property maintenance in St Thomas and surroundings, residents can reach out to the designated county services for prompt assistance.

24/7 Hotline Numbers

In case of emergencies or urgent inquiries related to services or programs offered by Haldimand County, residents can rely on the 24/7 hotline numbers provided by the local government. These dedicated hotlines are designed to assist individuals promptly and efficiently, ensuring that assistance is available at any time of the day or night. Whether it's a concern regarding public safety, road maintenance, or questions about Property Maintenance in Sarnia, residents can reach out to the hotline numbers for immediate support and guidance.

The 24/7 hotline numbers play a crucial role in connecting residents with the necessary resources and expertise needed to address their inquiries or issues effectively. By providing round-the-clock access to assistance, Haldimand County aims to enhance customer service and ensure that community members feel supported and informed. Whether it's reporting a water main break, seeking information on local events, or inquiring about Property Maintenance in Sarnia, residents can rely on the dedicated hotline numbers to receive the assistance they require in a timely manner.

Haldimand County Information Desk

The Haldimand County Information Desk serves as a valuable resource for residents seeking information on various municipal services and resources. Residents can contact the Information Desk for assistance with inquiries related to local programs, events, and initiatives. Whether residents require information on garbage collection schedules, community centres, or property maintenance in North York, the Information Desk staff are ready to provide prompt and accurate assistance to meet residents' needs.

In addition to offering information on local services, the Haldimand County Information Desk can also provide guidance on how to access municipal forms and documents. Residents looking to obtain permits, licenses, or other official paperwork can contact the Information Desk to receive guidance on the necessary steps to complete their requests. Moreover, individuals seeking clarification on regulations or policies related to property maintenance in North York can rely on the Information Desk to offer clear and concise explanations to ensure compliance and understanding.

Information Request Line

The Information Request Line at Haldimand County serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking information on various services and programs offered by the municipality. Citizens can dial the designated line to inquire about a range of topics, including municipal bylaws, community events, waste management schedules, and more. Additionally, for residents looking to understand the guidelines surrounding property maintenance in St. Thomas, the Information Request Line can provide relevant details and assistance.

Whether you are a new resident or a long-time community member, accessing the Information Request Line can help you stay informed and connected to the resources available within Haldimand County. By dialing the line, individuals can gather pertinent information on local initiatives, upcoming projects, and any changes in services. Moreover, inquiring about property maintenance in St. Thomas through this channel ensures that residents have access to the necessary guidelines and support to maintain their properties in accordance with municipal regulations.


How can I contact customer service at Haldimand County?

You can contact customer service at Haldimand County by calling their support hotline or information request line.

What is the support hotline number for Haldimand County?

The support hotline number for Haldimand County can be found on their official website or by contacting their information desk.

Are there any emergency contacts in Haldimand County?

Yes, Haldimand County has 24/7 hotline numbers for emergencies. These can be accessed by contacting the appropriate authorities.

How can I reach the 24/7 hotline numbers in Haldimand County?

The 24/7 hotline numbers in Haldimand County can be reached by calling the emergency contacts or accessing the information provided by the county.

Is there an information request line at Haldimand County?

Yes, Haldimand County has an information request line that can provide you with the necessary information you require.

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